Siran valley to be made centre of attraction for tourists


Federal Parliamentary Secretary, MNA Haji Saleh Muhammad Khan during his visit to Mansehra the other day met with area elite in Khan Missionary where he discussed matters pertaining to area development with special focus on promotion of tourism activities.

According to correspondent, Haji Saleh Muhammad Khan held a detailed meeting with public representatives and elders including Shaukat Khan, Bashir Khan and Shafaat Khan on promotion of the business opportunities in the area.

At the meeting, enhancing tourist attractions in the area, especially in the beautiful Siran valley came under discussion.

Haji Saleh said Siran valley was a much visit-worthy place and people knew very little about this beautiful tourists’ resort.

He said there was a need to promote the hidden tourism values of the Siran valley so that tourists could be attracted to the area and local people get business opportunities.

By showing the secret exquisiteness of Siran valley to the world, he said our people could earn hefty revenue through tourism activity.—Abdul Khaliq Qureshi