Siraj demands ban on dowry, other un-Islamic traditions


Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Sirajul Haq has demanded complete ban on dowry and other un-Islamic and anti-constitutional traditions in Pakistani society on occasion of International Women’s Day on Monday.

Addressing “Istehkam-e-Khandan-Growth Protection of Family Institution” rally at Lahore’s Mall Road on Monday, he also called for ensuring protection of women at workplaces and educational institutions.

The JI women chapter organized rallies in all major cities including Lahore on women day.

A large number of women from all walks of life attended the rallies with the commitment to counter the attempts of westernization of Pakistani society.

Sirajul Haq said that only Islam could guarantee the protection and rights of women.

He appealed the nation not to pay attention to the conspiracies launched by a small section of the society in the name of women rights.

He said attempts to damage the ideological base of Pakistan had been started soon after the independence but they were died on their own as Pakistani society was not ready to accept them.

The JI women chapter, he said, launched the “Protection of Family Institution” campaign on February 11.—INP