Sino, Pak friendship perturbs India


THERE are some countries in the world which are not comfortable with the everlasting and strong bonds that exist between Pakistan and China. Foremost amongst them is India. The recent statement of Indian External Affairs Ministry’s spokesperson about China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue made it abundantly clear once again how much this relationship has gotten on its nerves.
The fact of the matter is that China like some other countries has a principled stance on Kashmir dispute. Beijing has supported Pakistan’s position for the peaceful resolution of the dispute through the UN Security Council resolutions which recognize the right of self-determination of the oppressed Kashmiri people. The stance was reaffirmed at Pak-China strategic dialogue. As was anticipated, this promoted a reaction from New Delhi which whilst sticking to its intransigence stated that Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India – something as also stated by our Foreign Office spokesperson is totally contrary to facts and in complete violation of the UNSC Resolutions. India must understand that through such unwarranted statements it cannot befool and hoodwink the world. There are several UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and then the discussions that were held at the world body in recent times have once again verified the disputed nature of Kashmir. Though nothing good can be expected from Modi Junta, but it is better for it to accept the reality and give the inalienable right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people. India’s opposition to the multibillion dollars CPEC is also well known as it cannot see Pakistan treading the path of progress and development. Through proxies and RAW agents, it has tried to sabotage the mega project. However, it is a matter of satisfaction that the two nations – Pakistan and China – have a firm standing and actively pursuing the project which is not against any country but in fact will accrue benefits for the whole region. We need to be alert to foil Indian nefarious designs against the corridor project and the best response will be to ensure its timely completion.