Sindh PTI members exposed true face of PPP: Khurram



The parliamentary leader of PTI in Sindh Assembly, KhurramSherzaman said that the PTI members in the Sindh Assembly exposed the true face of the People’s Party in 3 and a half years. Of, the people of Karachi got good news against those who ran away from the election.The petition related to the delimitation of the constituencies of those hiding behind the courts was rejected in the Sindh High Court.

While addressing to an emergency press conference in the Sindh Assembly he said that the mayor spent his time, the forced national movement did not field its candidates on 80 UCs, the fact is that no one wants to contest the election on their ticket, MQM got 52 percent of the candidates, the highest number of candidates was PTI. MQM’s crying is just a drama, since  MQM entered KPT, manipulation has started in the department.

The decision of the joint protest of the movement exposed him in Sarbazar, the protest against the Bhutto government and unity in the federation, and then the shedding of tears is just a drama, if the MQM is so much against PP policies, then leave the favors given.

He said that MQM’s scheme was included in the provincial budget, yet their areas are scattered, there is no sanitization plant, dispensary in MQM’s areas, where did the money of the scheme go? Will announce to leave positions?

There are 6 MQM members in important positions including standing committees in the federation, they have not even left the post of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, but protests are also taking place, they only make rhetoric about jobs for Karachi and enjoy themselves in important positions in the federation. MQM should end its alliance with the federal government instead of blocking the elections.

The PTI leader claimed that the victory of PTI in the election is clear. All the political parties of Karachi are afraid of PTI’s success.

KhuramSherzaman severely criticized the Sindh government and said that every year wheat is stolen from Sindh or rats eat it. These mice will give 95 rupees worth of flour,

I will go to buy Rs 95 flour after two days, let’s see how they will change Rs 160 flour to Rs 95, I challenge PP, MQM, Jamaat-e-Islami, Imran Khan’s voters will drop these three parties. The flour crisis has arisen because of all these political parties.

KhurramSherzaman said that Jamaat-e-Islami has put up banners for counting Karachi,Asad Umar prepared the entire plan for the census and kept money in the budget. So why don’t they say that a census should be conducted now?They hold sit-ins outside the Sindh Assembly, Nasir Shah comes and presses their hands and feet and then they forget all about it. What did the Jamaat achieve by staging sit-ins? Competed with his abilities and managed the economy, if he had come under the rule of these incompetents, when would the economy in the country have sunk,

Member of Sindh Assembly Jamal Siddiqui said that the job of Governor of Sindh seems to be to sit failed politicians on a table and feed them bread and after eating the bread, salt should be made halal. From Karachi to Ghotki used to come out for public issues, in 2018 also the people of Karachi rejected him.They are thinking that they will get the mandate of the people of Karachi by coming together, it is not possible, these three have been united to give a dent to Imran Khan, what will these 3 do if they could not give 13 dents to Imran Khan?

ArslanTaj said that the alliance of MQM is good for us, we will hunt them together, the political graph of PTI is like this, we will be our chief minister in the future, we will pass the legislation for the Local Government Bill and give Karachi an empowered local government system.