Sindh minister says Karachi facing extreme water shortage


According to Sindh Irrigation Minister Sohail Anwar Khan Siyal, the issue of water shortages has reached Karachi since Sindh has consistently received much less water than its share of river water.

The province’s water problem is worsening, he said, adding that, in addition to the lack of water, the federal government has been treating Sindh unfairly in terms of electricity and gas delivery, as well as the inadequate disbursement of cash under the National Finance Commission award.

According to The News, Siyal was addressing to the media on Friday during a visit to the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Clifton for Youm-e-Dua, which commemorates the Sindh government’s plea to address the ongoing water crisis.

The Guddu Barrage in Sindh has been experiencing water shortages, but the Sindh government was accused of taking water from Balochistan’s share, he added.

Every canal in Sindh is experiencing a water scarcity, according to the irrigation minister, but the government’s protests have gone unheard.

He said that the provincial authorities had filed over 40 FIRs in connection with the theft of irrigation water intended for agriculture.

Karachi has been included to yet another list of the world’s ten least livable cities.

Pakistan’s financial capital was named the world’s eighth least livable city, while Auckland, New Zealand was named the most livable city.

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, was classified as the fourth least livable city in the world.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index published its 2021 edition, which included these ranks.

Damascus continues to be the world’s most uninhabitable city.

Cities in the Asia-Pacific region scored 68.6, which was lower than the previous average of 73.09 before the coronavirus epidemic.

In most livable cities “Auckland rose to the top of the ranking owing to its successful approach in containing the COVID-19 pandemic,” the EIU said.

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