Sindh may move court over IRSA member’s removal


Adviser to the Sindh chief minister on Law Murtaza Wahab has said that the Sindh government would write to the federal government to express its reservations over the replacement of Sindh’s representative at Indus River System Authority (IRSA). “If our reservations are not addressed, we may approach the court in the matter,” added Wahab. The law adviser said that the federal government had “once more acted illegally in a matter pertaining to the [Sindh] province”. Taking great exception to the decision, he said that the Sindh representative of IRSA had been replaced without consulting the province in the matter. “The law states that if a member has to be removed, it must be done so with consultation of the province,” he said. “And after consultation, if it is decided that the person must be removed, they must also be given a chance to be heard,” Wahab added. He said that “those speaking of the law again and again are repeatedly ripping it to shreds”. Wahab said that the Centre had not consulted Sindh and neither had Prime Minister Imran Khan taken Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah into consultation. According to a report, in a meeting of the federal cabinet on Tuesday, it had been noted that the performance of the members of Indus River System Authority (IRSA) from Sindh, Punjab and the Federal Capital was not up to the mark. It was decided that an inquiry would be held against them and if found guilty, they would be replaced with efficient and honest persons who would ensure running of the telemetry system in a transparent manner. That same day, according to a report, the federal cabinet approved the removal of Punjab and Sindh’s members from the authority. Wahab said that every step taken by the PTI is a negation of the promises it had made in the past. He added that the Cabinet decision was “unconstitutional”.