Sindh govt sets up Information Commission



Sindh government has constituted Sindh Information Commission under Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act 2016 to address complaints of non-provision of information by various government agencies. According to a notification by Sindh Information Department, Nusrat Hussain is appointed as Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) while Saima Agha Advocate and Shahid Jatoi as information commissioners for a three year term.

Under section 13 of the STRI act 2016 the commission may conduct an inquiry on a complaint and may direct a public body to disclose information to the applicant. The commission shall decide a complaint within forty five (45) days of its receipt and pass appropriate orders including recommending disciplinary proceedings against delinquent officials.

The relevant law delegated the commission powers of a civil court that may summon and enforce attendance of persons, seek oral or written evidence on oath and documents or information, receive evidence on affidavits, requisite relevant information from any office and issue summons for witnesses or documents.

The commission may also issue directives to public bodies for preservation, management, publication, publicity and access to information.