Sindh govt seeks complete biometric record of teachers within 4 months


    The Sindh government has sought complete biometric record of teachers from across the province within four weeks. As per details, Secretary of Education department

    Akbar Leghari has transferred the powers of biometrics of the teachers to the district education officers in Sindh.

    The DEOs have been directed to submit complete record of the teachers within four months. Earlier, the Sindh education department stopped the disbursement of salaries of over 2,000 ghost teachers across the province. As per details, the Sindh education department wrote a letter to the provincial accountant general to stop the salaries of 2,019 ghost teachers.  Following the letter of the education department, the AG Sindh has seized disbursement to salaries to the ghost teachers. Sindh education secretary Akbar Laghari said they will sack the services of the teachers who are receiving their salaries by sitting at home.