Sindh govt issues code of conduct on hides


Staff Reporter

The Government of Sindh Home Department has issued code of conduct for collection of sacrificial skins / hides on Eidul Azha 1440 Hijri. According to the details the Home Department Government of Sindh has announced that on Eid ul Azha various political, religious and social welfare organizations/ parties collect the hides / skins of sacrificial animals.
It becomes a matter of competition among the organizations and parties which create law and order problems for the provincial government.
Keeping in view the situation the Government has decided that for collection of skins/ hides the approval from the concerned commissioner/ deputy commissioner is required.
Only those parties, organizations, welfare organizations and religious institutions will be allowed which are registered and put their signature upon the code of conduct and abide by the rules and regulations of the code of conduct.
No one is allowed to install any type of camp for the collection of skins/ hides. Loud Speaker, slogans and announcement from masajids/ offices of different political parties & organizations will not be allowed.
Any type of poster / banner will also be prohibited. No one will be allowed to collect the hides/ skins from door to door. Every individual is allowed to donate the skin/ hide as per his own will where ever and to whom he thinks fit.
Every individual should himself carry hide/ skin to whom he wants to give/ donate. Every organization collecting skins/ hides are required to keep with themselves CNIC, Card of Organization and authority letter from the commissioner/ deputy commissioner when they carry out the hides/ skins from one place to another in the event of noncompliance the law enforcement personnel are authorized to forfeit the hides/ skins.

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