Sindh govt committed to improving lives of women: Shehla


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Women Development Syeda Shehla Raza Wednesday said that Sindh government was making all-out efforts to empower women, end domestic violence and to make them active members in socio-economic activities of the country.
Talking to private news channel, she said that the government was committed to providing them their due rights and empower them so that challenges of the modern era could be met.
She said that Sindh women development policy would prove as an important milestone for the progress of women in the province and hoped that the women community would get all its rights.
Sehla Raza said it was only with women’s full inclusion that society in general, will progress and collectively move towards sustainable and inclusive social development agenda.
She said society to play its due role for implementing laws related women protection bills.
Minister said, in order to provide justice to women, Sindh government was taking various measures for empowerment and protection of women from violence.
She said Sindh government recently has launched a ‘Aurat App’ , Web Portal and Case & Referral Management Information System where female facing any type of violence can registered her complained.
She said women development department in Sindh also inaugurated 1094 helpline at the Directorate of Women Development Department Karachi.
The minister said that Sindh Women Development Department was running 16 women protection cells across the province and a Helpline 1094 was also functional to receive complaints about violence on women.
She remarked, “Society will not achieve sustainable development if we do not achieve gender equality.”
She said that a number of initiatives were also being taken to create awareness among women about their rights.

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