Sindh Govt closely overseeing situation in Ghotki: Saeed


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani in a statement on Sunday expressed his gratitude to the religious scholars and representatives of the Hindu community of Ghotki for playing their active role in calming people down after an alleged incident of blasphemy in the area. Saeed Ghani said that directives had been issued for a thorough investigation of the incident.
The Minister said that not only the First Information Report had been registered against the Principal of Sindh Public School but also the he had been arrested by the Police. He said that it was an individual act therefore the whole Hindu community could not be blamed for.
Saeed Ghani said that if proved guilty the alleged Principal would be reprimanded as per prevalent laws. The Minister appealed to the residents of the area to not to get emotionally invested into the situation and wait for the investigation and court’s verdict. He said that the situation was being closely monitored to avoid any damage or riots.

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