Sindh govt accuses federal ministers of interfering in legal affairs


The Sindh government on Monday accused the federal ministers of interfering in legal affairs pertaining to the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh.


Sindh government spokesman and legal adviser Barrister Murtaza Wahab and Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah held a joint press conference in Sindh Assembly Building. The spokesperson further said that the PTI leader was arrested on the directions of the Election Commission of Pakistan. PPP-led Sindh government has nothing to do with the arrest, he added.


Explaining the details, he said that he would start from the day of by-election on February 16. No elected member of the Assembly is allowed to go to the constituency in the election. “We are law-abiding people,” he said. Asad Umar Sahib flouted the rules of the Election Commission regarding the by-elections and when he inaugurated the polling camp in Malir and on the day of the by-elections Haleem Adil Sheikh was walking around the constituency with an armed group, the orders of the Election Commission. But Haleem Adil Sheikh was expelled from the constituency


The Election Commission itself wrote that Haleem Adil Sheikh was walking around armed with a car and this letter was written to SSP Malir. During the press conference, Barrister Murtaza Wahab also showed pictures of PTI’s armed brothers to the media on the day of by-elections.


He said that footage of firing on media has also been aired, so will the police remain silent? The police took action on this act and when the police went for remand, the esteemed court remanded them.


He said that Haleem Adil Sheikh is a named accused in an FIR and the attitude of the police towards him is very polite and courteous. If the police had been biased, would they have allowed people to meet Haleem Adil Sheikh and ten people are going to meet him freely then accused that a cobra snake came in the police station.


On the day the incident took place, members of the cabinet, including the Sindh Chief Minister, condemned the incident. “I am surprised that the four-foot snake was immediately killed by Haleem Adil Sheikh,” he said. It is also important to investigate whether the snake itself came or was brought.


Did any police officer release the snake or did anyone bring it?


He said that the police did not check the bags of the people and ten persons had come to meet Haleem Adil Sheikh on the night between February 19 and 20.



He added that the Sindh government was accused of killing Haleem Adil Sheikh, that he had been subjected to severe torture and that the man was in critical condition at the hospital. He categorically denied that there had been any violence in the jail, but said that some people had chanted slogans


Wahab appealed to the representatives of the federal government to stop this drama and let the police do their job. When the challan is presented, the court will decide.


Do not interfere in court proceedings as all this is being done to influence the case. Raising legal points, the Sindh government spokesman told the media that there was an agreement between the federation and the province in 1993 that the federation appoints IG police in consultation with the province, so interference in constitutional matters should be avoided.


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