Sindh flood camps welcome 10 more newborns: Health Ministry


Flood relief camps set up across Sindh have welcomed 10 more newborns in the last 24 hours, health ministry sources told.

The total number of babies born in flood-relief camps has gone up to 3837. 10 babies were born in flood-relief camps in the last 24 hours, while there are 9457 more pregnant women in the camps.Out of the 9475 expecting women, 2022 are in the first trimester of the pregnancy, 3965 in the second, and 2517 are in their third trimester, health ministry sources told. While 953 women are full-term pregnant.

Furthermore, 7,974 pregnant women are Tetanus and Tetanus and adult diphtheria vaccinated while 7,842 women underwent medical check-ups.


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