Sindh Cabinet approves 3,000 acres land for Palm tree plantation



The Sindh Cabinet on Tuesday approved plantation of Palm trees on 3,000 acres land on the request of the Coastal Development Authority.


The Sindh’s Coastal Development Authority had requested for allocation of 3000 acres land of the forest department for plantation of palm trees.The CDA in a briefing to the provincial cabinet requested for land in Kathore and Hayat Goth in Taluka Ghorabari of Thatta district.


The CDA had earlier initiated a pilot project of the palm tree plantation on 30 acres of land, provincial adviser for Environment and Coastal Development, Murtaza Wahab said.


A mini extraction plant of palm oil also being run by the Sindh’s Environment and Coastal Development departments and currently the palm oil being produced from the CDA farm, Wahab further said.Recently Wahab had visited the palm oil extraction plant and the palm tree fields in Thatta district.


“Pakistan annually spends four billion dollars’ foreign exchange over the import of palm oil,” Murtaza Wahab said.He said the local production of palm oil would help the country substantially save its precious foreign currency reserves.


The Cabinet also discussed the school teachers’ transfer policy. It was noted that teacher transfers are prohibited during the academic year. Transfer of teachers from rural to urban areas is also prohibited from 2018. The Cabinet observed that restrictions on exchanges have created many problems and that due to the ban on transfers, schools where teachers have retired are closing. The ban on transfers has also made it difficult to open schools, the cabinet noted and also that restrictions on transfers have made it difficult to maintain a teacher ratio of 30 children in primary schools.


So the Cabinet approved new exchange / posting policy and approved to lift the ban on teacher transfers from the new academic year. Transfer / Posting Policy will be made by the Department of Education on the basis of teacher-student ratio. Posting of female teachers close to their home will be preferred.

The school education department will notify the transfer of teachers in March.


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