Silver Jubilee celebrations of Arid University No society can flourish without equality and justice: Ashrafi


No society in the world can flourish without brotherhood, equality, justice and mutual respect said Maulana Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Special Representative for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pakistan in a debating competition held in PMAS AAUR where the Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof. Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman, Sultan Ahmed Ali, PM of Junagarh State, University Register Muhammad Aqeel Sultan, faculty members, notables, civil society members, media persons and students in large number were present.

He said that Pakistan was created after a long struggle, rendering unprecedented sacrifices of our forefathers by cherishing it. We should do whatever it takes to bring it to safety and dignity, not to bring it into disrepute in this world.

By praising the silver jubilee activities covering all aspects of a life he said, this Pakistani society is declining day by day so the young generation has a huge responsibility to do their part for its betterment.

Describing the activities planned to celebrate the Silver Jubilee as the best, Sultan Ahmed Ali said that he is very happy to hear the speeches of the youth and have a firm belief the future of Pakistan is very bright and bright which covers all aspects of life.

He said that Pakistan came into existence on the basis of the two-nation theory and now Muslims of India are experiencing its importance and Quaid’s vision so we have to respect that vision and should not leave any stone unturned for his protection and honour in the world.

Describing the session as the best and unique to build the moral values of the students the Vice-Chancellor said that every person in Pakistan is running towards worldly education due to which we are moving away from Islam and its teachings which covers and guides every aspect of our life.

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