Sikh trader shot dead in Peshawar

Tariq Saeed

A Sikh trader Dayal Singh was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in Peshawar on Friday.

The police authorities confirmed that the victim Dayal Singh was shot while he was present at his general store, a grocery shop and succumbed to the injuries on the spot. Dayal Singh has left behind a widow and three children.

The law enforcing agencies said they collected 30 pistol shells and other evidence from the crime scene adding the CCTV footage from the site was also being obtained.

Though the motive behind the murder was yet to be known and police said they do not rule out the possibility that the incident was motivated by a personal grudge.

While the body of the slain Dayal Singh was shifted to the hospital the law enforcers kicked off hunt for the assassins who as usual remained at large.

Following the incident, SSP Operations Haroon-ul-Rashid Khan went to the residence of the Sikh businessman to express his condolences to the deceased man’s relatives.

During the meeting, he briefed the relatives about the investigation so far and assured them of arresting the killers at the earliest.