Signs that your eyesight is getting weak



Healthy eyes are a blessing that should not be taken for granted, pay close attention to any symptoms of weakening eyesight.

Healthy eyesight or 20/20 vision is vital to living a successful and prosperous life; we can’t even begin to imagine where we would be without our eyesight.

Blindness is a debilitating and deeply traumatic health consequence. This is essentially why it is so important that you never take your eyesight for granted.

The best way to ensure good eye health is by eating foods rich in carotene and other antioxidants that will protect our eyes from the oxidative damage caused by free radical cells.

Incorporating foods such as leafy green vegetables, carrots, and sea food is necessary for eye health.

Symptoms of weakening eye sight are quite clearly felt, and as soon as you begin experiencing the symptoms it is strongly advised that you immediately go to an optometrist. Here are a few of the things you should look out for:

The sharpness with which we can focus on an object either far or near is a sign of healthy eyesight.

The opposite of this is when we suddenly look at something and the image appears blurry and takes time to come into focus is a sign that the eye is no longer performing to its full capacity. This is an indication of weakening eyesight.

If you are forced to shield your eye, even when the sun’s rays aren’t that powerful then your eyes have become very sensitive to the sun’s glare as well as reflected light. It is important that you immediately see a doctor. This problem can be due to farsightedness, nearness, cataracts or other eye issues.

This is when you experience seeing two of the same objects. This can be a sign of severely damaged eyesight and needs to be examined immediately.

This can begin in one or both eyes and may be the result of cataracts, astigmatism and irregularly shaped cornea.

This can pose difficulties in performing the simplest of tasks and is quite common in college students.