Signal free Murree Road poses severe danger to people


The students of the garrison city of Rawalpindi on Sunday demanded the City Traffic Police (CTP) to ensure smooth traffic management during peak school timings along Murree Road as haphazard and uncontrolled vehicular traffic was increasing accidents risk.

The city embraced a swath of vehicles entering into the metropolis to reach the federal capital for education, business, employment and recreation purposes on daily basis that was putting unprecedented pressure on the only major artery passing through the city and the most frequently used thoroughfare to travel between the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The CTP has recently turned the entire Murree Road a signal free corridor after completion of the remodeling of Marrir Chowk, from Saddar to Faizabad whereas large number of unaccounted motorbikes, vehicles, buses and mini trucks that left the only connecting artery jam packed throughout the day.

There are many private and government run schools situated along the Murree Road where the students used to reach school taking risks by crossing through pedestrian bridge or directly crossing the Murree Road.

There was massive traffic at school timings and no police warden was found regulating the traffic flow that created choked mobility for hours, a student Muhammad Abdullah said while talking to media.

A traffic police spokesman said the then Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rai Mazhar Iqbal had initiated the remodeling of Marrir Chowk to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow from Saddar to Faizabad on Murree Road.

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