Shortage of gas in Sindh due to Centre’s incompetence: Ghani


Staff ReporterSindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that the
shortage of gas in Sindh was not due to the shortfall of gas in the country, but it was due to the
incompetence, lack of planning and failure of the federal government of Pakistan Tehree-i-Insaaf to
forsee the situation. Ghani said that the Chief Minister had also talked about the inadequate supply of
gas to the province, but the issue had not been resolved as yet, and consequently every sector in the
province was facing constant gas shortage.He was talking to the journalists after the inauguration of
Pakistan Life Style Furniture Expo, which started at Karachi Expo Center on Friday. Saeed Ghani said that
70 per cent of the gas produced in the country was originating from Sindh, but even then Sindh
province was not being given a legitimate share in accordance with the constitution. The minister said
that the prime minister should take action in this regard and make sure that Sindh was getting its
legitimate share of gas. Responding to a question about PTI's protest, Saeed Ghani said he was surprised
at the protest, adding that, it was nothing but drama. He said that if the party leaders of PTI wanted to
protest, then they should better go to Islamabad for that. Saeed Ghani said that with Imran Khan in
office of the Premier, one should never expect to find peace in this life or in this world. Ghani said that
the prime minister had set a gauge to prove himself wise, according to which he would make a decision
one day, and then withdraw it the next day. He said that Pakistan People's Party opened the way for
employment through agriculture and other field, but the PTI government had shut all the opened doors
for jobs. He said that if the attitude of the government remained the same, then the opposition would
had no option, but to use whatever means possible to get rid of it. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf planned to
discredit a successful program like Benazir Income Support through propaganda, provincial minister
said. He said that the whole world appreciated the Benazir Income Support Program after a survey, but
PTI conspired to expel thousands of people from the program owing to approximately only two and a
half thousand people.