Shocking rise in Covid cases


THERE is an alarming surge in Corona Virus cases in the country over the last few days. 847 and 832 new cases were reported on Saturday and Sunday respectively. This is after a span of three months that such a spike has been recorded in cases. Government officials including the Prime Minister himself are on record warning about second wave of Corona Virus in the country but this appeared to be fallen on deaf ears as people continue to openly flout the Covid related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Unfortunately, hardly anybody can now be seen wearing facemask or using hand sanitizer while visiting markets or offices. Educational institutions really deserve applause for strictly following the SOPs, which indeed is important for health and safety of our children. The same kind of maturity also needs to be shown by the common man otherwise the situation could go worse and the government will be left with no option but to resort to restrictive measures such as lockdown that will affect livelihoods of our people as well as education of our children.
While National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has so far done an extraordinary work to check the spread of the Virus, it is important to once again launch awareness campaigns both on electronic and print media to sensitise the people about threat posed by the contagion. Ulema should again be taken on board to control the situation. This threat will not be over until and unless a vaccine is developed and available to the people at large. At the same time, district administrations need to be activated and heavy fines be imposed on those violating the SOPs.

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