Shipping activity at Port Qasim



Four ships Mol Globe, Diamand Sky, white Purl and bulk Carina carrying Conatiners, Rice, LPG Mix and Coal were arranged berthing at Qasim International Container Terminal, MW-2, EVTL and Pakistan International Bulk Terminal respectively during last 24 hours. Meanwhile Four more ships named Al Salam-II, African Tern, Almahboobah and Stanley Park with Gas Oil, Steel Coil, ETC and Phosphoric Acid also arrived at Outer anchorage of Port Qasim during the same period.
A total of Eleven ships were engaged at PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Coal Rice, Plam Kernel, LPG Mix, LNG and Palm oil respectively. Out of them, a container vessel Mol Globe sailed out to sea from QICT on Thursday morning, and Six more ships, SM Charleston, Maersk Chicago, Feronia, Umm Bab, Amber Sun and White Purl are expected to sail from QICT, PQEPT EETL, FOTCO and EVTL on the same day in the aftrernoon.—APP