‘Shining and Green Lahore’ campaign in full swing


The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is working day and night to make the “Shining and Green Lahore” campaign of Commissioner Lahore in the provincial capital a success.

According to a spokesperson here, the phase-wise zero-waste operation is going on in 9 towns under the supervision of LWMC Chief Executive Officer Rafia Haider. Since the beginning of the campaign, 21,914 tons of waste has been disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. CEO LWMC Rafia Haider said that to maintain the beauty of Lahore and to save the luster of the historic city from tarnishing special cleaning operations are being carried out in the city.

She said that zero-waste operation has been carried out in Samanabad Town and Aziz Bhatti Town, adding that during the special zero-waste operation, 600 tons of waste has been disposed of from Aziz Bhatti Town and 1,500 tons of waste from Samanabad Town while 18 open plots in Samanabad Town and 14 open plots of Aziz Bhatti Town have also been cleared. Rafia said that special cleaning arrangements were also ensured around mosques, educational institutions, and hospitals. “All resources are being utilized to provide the best sanitation facilities to the citizens”, she added. CEO LWMC Rafia Haider said that mechanical washing and sweeping of important roads of the city is also going on. She issued instructions to ensure the attendance of all workers in the field and requested the public to cooperate fully for the success of the Shining and Green Lahore campaign and avoid throwing garbage in the streets, neighborhoods, or empty plots.

In case of sanitation-related complaints, citizens can contact the LWMC helpline at 1139 or through social media.


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