Shifa hospital celebrates World Diabetes Day


Shifa International Hospital celebrates World Diabetes Day by arranging an awareness seminar where many diabetic patients were offered free sugar tests.

Expert endocrinologists from endocrinology department of Shifa international Hospital delivered lectures on management and prevention of diabetes. Dr. MattiUllah Khan, Consultant Endocrinologist, on the occasion said that more people are required to be educated who are at high-risk of having diabetes due to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and take high-consumption of sugary items.

He said that most of these cases are type-2 diabetes, which is largely preventable through regular physical activity, healthy and balanced diet, and promotion of healthy living environment. Associate Consultant Dr. Saba Hafeez while addressing to participants said that diabetes is a disease that occurs when the blood glucose is too high. 90% of the people have Type 2 diabetes, saying that people should consume healthy diet, do regular exercises and walk for at least 30 min to stay healthy.He explained that diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces. Over the long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues.

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