Shehbaz resolves to steer country out of challenges


PM announces loans, laptops for ‘shining stars’

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has vowed to steer the country out of worsening economic crisis, saying that he is ready to sacrifice his political capital and even life for the sake of Pakistan.

The premier said this while launching PM’s Youth Business and Agri-loans scheme which would provide opportunities to the youth to earn their livelihood through different business and agriculture initiatives. He said that Pakistan was passing through difficult times.

“I have served thrice as a chief minister of Punjab and now serving as an incumbent prime minister of the country. What legacy we will leave behind if these issues are not being addressed? It is clear that Pakistan is facing huge challenges, and if we have taken responsibility, we will make our last-ditch efforts to steer the country out of the difficulties,” he stressed.

The prime minister said it was their collective responsibility as Pakistanis, politicians and the Muslims to respond to the difficult situation, and he would not even desist from sacrificing his life for the country.

He said that in this path, problems would spring up, but they would have to bear the pains. “The people at the helms of affairs, politicians and rich have to set an example, as it was unfair to burden the poor with price hike and let the rich and elite to enjoy on the country’s loans,” he added.

Under the programme, he said the people in the age bracket of 21 and 45 years could avail themselves of the loan facility of up to Rs7.5 million under these schemes. For IT and E-commerce businesses, the lower age limit is 18 years. youth would be extended loans upto Rs7.5 million on easy installments and soft interest rates. Upto Rs500,000 loan amount would be interest-free.