Shehbaz-MBS understanding


THOUGH it was an informal telephonic conversation to exchange greetings on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the remarks made by the two leaders reflected the renewed warmth in bilateral ties and commitment to expand it further for mutual advantage.

The Prime Minister discussed bilateral initiatives and projects with the Saudi Crown Prince and both leaders agreed to strengthen cooperation in various sectors, particularly trade and investment.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia always enjoyed closest relations and the two countries have been extending sincere cooperation to each other in advancing their national agendas.

There is no denying the fact that the Kingdom and its royal family never disappointed Pakistan in times of economic challenges and played their role even in addressing the political turmoil.

Apart from the generous gestures shown by the Kingdom in the past, it is extending whole-hearted support to Pakistan to overcome its prevailing economic crisis and financial constraints.

The money that the Kingdom has deposited in the State Bank of Pakistan and the decision to sell oil on deferred payment amount to significant relief for the country as the new Government is struggling to steer Pakistan out of the messy economic conditions.

Pakistan too remains firmly committed to providing meaningful assistance to KSA in preserving and promoting its security and territorial integrity.

The Prime Minister rightly congratulated the MBS for making the Hajj operation a resounding success, especially when there were enormous challenges due to renewed spread of coronavirus.

The Kingdom made excellent arrangements and as a result the entire Hajj operation went smoothly as is evident from positive coverage by the world media and comments of Pakistani pilgrims, who expressed complete satisfaction over minute arrangements made by the Saudi government.



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