SHCC imposes Rs2.3m fine on quacks


Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) has imposed Rs 2.3 million fines against illegal quackery practices across Sindh.  Convener Anti-Quackery committee, Dr Khalid H Shaikh said this while speaking in the 11th meeting of Directorate of Anti-Quackery Committee held here at Sindh Health Care Commission-SHCC Office on Thursday.

The meeting was chaired by Convener Anti-Quackery committee, Dr Khalid H Shaikh and attended by Commissioners Dr A Razaque Shaikh and Jawad Amin Khan, along with CEO SHCC, Dr. Ahson Qavi Siddiqui and Director Anti Quackery, Syed Zeeshan Ali Shah along with team members.

Over 57 cases of quackery were reviewed for penalties to be imposed from all over the province out of which penalties were imposed on 51 health care establishments (HCEs).    The total penalty amount of Rs. 2.3 million was imposed as per SHCC act and regulations of 2017, the meeting was informed.

It was decided that higher vigilance will be conducted by ensuring more firm evidences are collected against HCEs who violate the law.

The Director Anti-Quackery briefed the Committee on steps being taken to enlist a team of external legal councils across the province, to assist the commission in litigation cases. CEO-SHCC proposed that evaluation of past FIR cases be conducted to establish the success rate before initiating FIR enquiry.

‘Picture evidence must be made a mandatory requirement to establish proof of quackery’, Convener of the Committee Dr. Khalid H. Shaikh stated.It was recommended by the Committee that heavy fines be imposed on repeat cases of illegally de-sealed HCEs and that fines be further increased on HCEs where they are continued to practice ‘quackery’ despite being previously legally de-sealed by SHCC.

The board of Commissioners reviewed the penalties recovered for the previous month and was satisfied with the positive recovery on penalties imposed which was up at 76%. It is decided that the continued focus on issuance of warnings be encouraged, keeping the respect of the HCPs as a priority while ensuring the law.


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