SHCC imposes Rs0.8 million fine on healthcare units involved in quackery


The 3rd meeting for Directorate of Anti-Quackery, SHCC was on Thursday, chaired by Dr. Khalid Sheikh, the Convener of Committee, to discuss and decide cases/applications submitted by the practitioners/owners of the property for de-sealing of sealed Healthcare establishments.

The meeting was attended by Jawad Amin Khan, Dr. Razaq Sheikh as member of Committee, Yaseen Veesar Director Anti-Quackery, Dr. Rehan Khan and Dr. Razia Jamil from the Directorate.

The Directorate team presented 27 cases from all 06 divisions of the Sindh before Committee.

The members of committee scrutinized every case and recommended imposition of Rs.800,000/- (Eight Lacs rupees) penalties in all cases against the healthcare establishments, which were involved in quackery practices, non-compliance and violation of SHCC Act and Regulations.

Dr. Khalid Sheikh praised the actions of Directorate for lodgment of 07 FIRs against 15 habitual violators (quacks) in different districts of Sindh.

He advised to Anti-Quackery Directorate to conduct follow up visits after de-sealing and check the compliance status of SHCC’s decisions and register cases against the quacks, who  failed to follow the decisions of SHCC.

Dr. Khalid Sheikh advised to Inspection and Enforcement team, SHCC to check infection prevention control measures taken by Healthcare Establishments and application of COVID-19 SoPs during their visits at Clinics.

He said that the quacks are playing major role in transmission of infectious diseases in the Province and curbing quackery will eventually improve the quality of healthcare services in the Province of Sindh.