SHC orders removal of encroachments in a month

Our Correspondent

The Sindh High Court Hyderabad Circuit Bench has ordered the district administration, Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and Qasimabad Municipal Committee to remove all encroachments from Hyderabad in around 1 month.

At a hearing of a petition concerning encroachment by Waqar Town housing scheme on a 60-feet government road in Qasimabad, the bench was informed that both the HMC and QMC had issued licenses to the business to occupy certain footpaths, roads and public places for their trade.

The Deputy Commissioner Fuad Ghaffar Soomro apprised the court that whenever they undertook anti encroachment operation to clear the footpaths and roads the traders showed them the HMC and QMC issued licenses. The administrators of HMC and QMC also conceded about having issued the licenses.

However, the DC and the administrators submitted undertakings that all the existing encroachment would be cleared within 30 days.

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