SHC orders registration of Keamari death cases



The Sindh High Court has ordered to register all death cases occurred during the last three years in Keamari due to inhaling toxic gas emitted from some factories of the area.

The court ordered the authorities to conduct investigations into the deaths by the SSP rank officers and also directed to take action against the people responsible for these fatalities.SHC Chief Justice Ahmad Ali Shaikh on Tuesday heard the case. Sindh IG police, advocate general and other officials appeared before the case. At the outset of the hearing, the court expressed its ire over quashing of cases under A Class in 2020.

The judge inquired of the IG police how many people died in Keamari. IG Police Ghulam Nabi Memon relied that as many as 18 deaths were occurred. The judge expressed his exasperation and said that if 18 people died, why no case was registered. The IGP replied if the people came forward to bring their complaints, then the police had been able to register cases.

Justice Shaikh remarked that it was the responsibility of the area’s station house officer to register a complaint on behalf of the state. “Why the SHO was waiting for the complaint? If people were dying, there should be someone who could look into it,” the judge reprimanded the IGP adding that it was the standard of the police investigation that only one post mortem was conducted so far after so many deaths.

Keamari deputy commissioner told the court that only three deaths were reported in his area and those were not caused by inhaling toxic gas. Justice Shaikh gave the DC a good addressing down saying that he should go to tend his land. “You should not hold the post of the deputy commissioner as you do not know what happened in your area,” he added.

The CJ ordered the police to contact the families of the deceased and register all cases of deaths occurred between 2020 and January 2023. He said if no affected family came forward to register its complaint, even then the police should register the death cases. He also ordered the

authorities to entrust inquiry of the cases to some senior police officers and if anyone tried to conceal the facts, a legal action should be taken against him.

While talking to media after court hearing, IGP Memon said that doctors should be provided samples at the earliest but it was the mistake of the investigation officer that he showed lethargy.

He said that a legal action should be taken against a police officer if he committed a wrong.During last hearing of the case on Feb 1, two petitions, filed in February 2020 regarding the deaths of around 15 people due to suspected leakage of toxic gas in Keamari.

, were also fixed for hearing today.