SHC has rejected suit to prolong illegal sitting of Maggo as FPCCI resident: UBG


A press conference was held by UBG members on the decision undertaken by the Honorable Sindh Court on the dismissal of legal suit by BMP in last FPCCI elections.

At the time of election in the final counting, Khalid Tawab secured 178 votes as against Nasser Hayat Maggo who secured 177 votes which included 2 invalid votes of Loralai chamber in his favour.

Even though in the letter of Dec 16, 2020 the DGTO clearly disallowed Loralai chamber to cast vote in FPCCI elections.

The bias of the election commission was further evident when they illegally added 1 invalid sealed vote of Pak Afghan chamber in favor of Nasser Hayat Maggo thereby declaring both candidates with 178 votes each (copy attached), in the presence of all polling agents of both the parties.

In the AGM of FPCCI held on Dec 31, 2020, it was surprising that the evidently bias and pressurized election commission announced BMP candidate Nasser Hayat Maggo as the winner allowing 2 invalid votes as valid, which were unanimously declared invalid by the Election Commission in the presence of all the polling agents of both parties.

Based on merit & documentary evidence provided in various hearing with DGTO Islamabad and his written reply to the Honorable High Court Sindh, the DGTO has submitted in writing that the Loralai chamber and Afghan chamber votes are not valid voters.

Just before announcement of the verdict, BMP approached the Honorable Sindh High Court on March 19, 2021 and challenged the proceedings of the DGTO.

However the Honorable Sindh High Court rejected the plea and dismissed the suit on May 19, 2021 which was obviously filed to prolong the illegal sitting of Nasser Hayat Maggo as President FPCCI.


Keeping in view of the above order, the DGTO is requested to announce the verdict without any further delay on its merit by cancelling the invalid votes and declaring Khalid Tawab as the President FPCCI 2021.