SHC directs police to fearlessly visit Rangers HQ for missing person


The Sindh High Court has instructed the police to be unafraid and visit the headquarters of the Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, in order to collect information about missing persons.

The Sindh High Court said this during the hearing of a petition filed earlier this year by the families of two men, Waqar Rehman and Shamshad Ali, who they claim were abducted by the Rangers from outside their homes five years ago. The men are still missing.On Wednesday, the court remarked that it was important to conduct a complete inquiry in the case. “The families have accused the Rangers,” Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro pointed out.

The investigation officer argued that the police have written countless letters to the Rangers. The judge dryly remarked: “Writing letters won’t make any difference. Go and knock at their door. Don’t be scared. Ask them who abducted these people.”

“This is important. If the Rangers didn’t pick these men, who did? Were they people dressed like them? That’s even more dangerous. We need to find out.”

The judge added that the Pakistan Penal Code gives the Police the right to go anywhere and investigate anyone. Here, Ranger prosecutor Habib Ahmed said that a written reply, assuring that no one had been taken into custody by the security forces, had already been submitted.

“But what’s the problem in checking?” Justice Mubin Lakho replied. He, subsequently, gave the police 15 days to conduct a thorough investigation and submit a report in court.


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