Shaukat urges govt to seek relief from IMF


The PTI leader and former finance minister, Shaukat Tarin, on Saturday urged the government to renegotiate and seek relief from the International Monetary Fund in the wake of disastrous floods, as he called it out for “leaking” the audios attributed to him regarding the programme.

At a media talk in Karachi, the former federal minister claimed that those who leaked the tapes mere hours before the IMF board meeting were the people who “wanted to jeopardise the deal”. “Who leaked the tapes? We did not. We didn’t make the tapes, so how would we leak them,” he said.

“So were we jeopardising the programme or were you, by leaking the audios? You could have done it on Tuesday or later on. Why did you do it just before the meeting?”

Tarin claimed that the real problem would have arrived if the IMF would have heard the tapes. “Although it wouldn’t have affected the programme because the surpluses from provinces are in the form of an MoU (memorandum of understanding).”

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