Sharjah groundsman is lucky to have witnessed two players’ famous sixes

Bipin Dani

Mohammad Jamil is one of the very few who have witnessed both sixes-Javed Miandad’s sixer (against India, 1986, (Austral-Asia Cup) and Wednesday’s Naseem Shah’s last two (against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup) at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Jamil, who at the age of 21, started working at the Sharjah Stadium in 1982 as an Assistant groundsman is now the chief groundsman.

“Yes, I am lucky to have witnessed both players’ sixes. Miandad’s six had already found a name in the record books and people here are remembering it every now and then. Now Naseem’s two sixes will also become equally famous. Both players’ have played a significant role in Pakistan’s victories. I don’t under-rate any of their sixes. I will carry the fond memories of these sixes when I retire”, he said exclusively.

Mazhar Khan, the General Manager at the Sharjah Cricket had also witnessed Miandas’s famous six then.

Not to forget here that Naseem Shah’s two sixes won the match and qualified to enter the Asia Cup final.

Asif Iqbal, who was a chief coordinator then, watched the Pakistan-Afghanistan match on TV at his home in England, where he resides.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone, he said, “Both sixes have been of great significance. Miandad’s will always take precedence as it was against India whereas Naseem Shah’s helped the team to qualify for the final which is still to be played. If Pakistan goes on to win the Asia Cup, then Naseem’s six will always be coined with the winning of the cup.

Not to forget that Naseem Shah is a no. 10 batsman and was batting with no. 11. It was a wonderful game of T/20 which confirms that no match is over till it’s over and no match is won or lost till the last run is scored and the last wicket is taken”.


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