Shanghai Electric employs 7,000 Pakistani workers


Shanghai Electric has employed around 7,000 Pakistani workers in its coal mine and power plant pro-jects in the Thar district of Sindh. This was stated by Senior Directors of the company, Yao Fujun, and Gan Yongchao, the company said in a statement.

Shanghai Electric is the sponsor of Thar Coal Block I Integrated Mining and Power Plant projects through its subsidiaries, Sino-Sindh Re-sources Ltd. (SSRL) and Thar Coal Block I Power Generation Co. (TCB-1).

SSRL is a 9.8 million tons per annum open-pit lig-nite mining project, which unearthed the first layer of a 3 billion tons deposit on January 31. The inte-grated project also includes 1,320 megawatt mine-mouth coal-based power plant owned by TCB-1.—INP

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