Shan Food, Saylani Welfare Trust partner to reduce hunger



Shan Shares, a CSR entity of Shan Foods, has signed a MoU with Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT), a non-government organization focusing primarily on feeding the poor and homeless, to provide free-of-cost meals to the impoverished segment of the society.

This is in line with Shan Foods’ Community Kitchen initiative that aims to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goal of achieving Zero Hunger.

Through this partnership, Shan Shares will sponsor food trucks, managed by Saylani, every Friday of the week through monetary assistance,the company will also be providing various food products to the Trust on a monthly basis.

Appreciating the newly-formed alliance, Maria Rashdi, Head of Corporate Communication and PR Shan Foods said, “More than 20 percent of Pakistan’s population is undernourished and many do not have access to safe food.

Through this partnership we hope that Shan Shares will be able to extend its support to the underprivileged people and make safe and nutritive food accessible for everyone.”


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