Shahrukh hospital stay: Inquiry reveals 21 inmates enjoyed freedom


Convict Shahrukh Jatoi who was sentenced to death in the 2012 Shahzeb murder case made headlines lately when it was revealed that he had been staying at a hospital instead of prison.

He was shifted back to the Karachi central prison from the private hospital where he had been staying for the past eight months. Swinging into action, the provincial authorities ordered an inquiry into his illegal stay at the hospital.

Sources today informed that the prison department has forwarded an inquiry report on the matter to the higher authorities.

The sources privy to the content of the report revealed that a total of 21 prisoners, including eight convicts and 13 under-trial prisoners, had been enjoying freedom for a long time on the pretext of medical grounds.

After hospital admission, they had been staying at their homes most of the time and would visit hospitals at certain times, the sources said, adding the details of their lavish lifestyle were kept under wraps.

“The IG prison, the home department and the jail superintendent were aware of the matter,” the sources disclosed, adding the prison staff and inmates accompanying them would get hefty amounts to facilitate them.

The prisoners allowed to stay at hospitals would also drive around the city, the sources said.


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