Shafqat makes important announcement on education policy


Staff Reporter

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood on Sunday announced that his ministry has started the process to formulate an education policy for Pakistan.
Taking to Twitter, the minister said that while the government had taken several initiatives on coming up with a single national curriculum for the whole country, an education policy “is necessary”.
“So on my direction a process has been started by the Ministry of Education which includes widespread consultation. All suggestions welcome,” he said.
Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government have repeatedly emphasised on the need for a uniform education curriculum across the country to eliminate the class divide among students.
“A uniform education system is not only a requirement of modern times but also the basic right of every child,” PM Imran Khan had said last month while chairing a meeting.
“The success of this system depends on the selection of teaching staff and capacity building. Thanks to the new policy, it will be possible to get a quality education in Pakistan. A uniform education system will set an example for other countries in the region,” he had added.