Sh Aziz was true soldier of Kashmir freedom movement


Senior leader of All Parties Hurriyat Conference in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Shaikh Abdul Aziz, was a true soldier of Kashmiris’ freedom struggle who preferred martyrdom but never bowed before Indian military might.

A report released by the Kashmir Media Ser-vice, on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Sheikh Abdul Aziz, today, said that Shaikh Aziz devoted his whole life for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian subjugation.

Shaikh Abdul Aziz was shot dead by Indian troops on 11 August 2008 when he was leading a mammoth march to Azad Jammu and Kashmir against the economic blockade of the Kashmir Val-ley by Hindu extremists of Jammu.

The report said the martyred leader fought self-lessly for freedom of Kashmir till his last breath and he continues to inspire the Kashmiri people.

It said that Shaikh Aziz was a passionate advocate of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan.

“Shaikh Aziz and other martyrs are symbols of resistance against brutal Indian occupation. Kash-miris will never forget the sacrifices of their martyrs like Shaikh Aziz. Kashmiri people value sacrifices of their martyrs above all other things,” it said.

The report maintained that the Kashmiris know that the best way to pay tributes to Shaikh Aziz is to continue his mission till freedom from Indian yoke and they will not rest till the achievement of this goal.—KMS

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