Several city areas face gas shortage


The gas supply was suspended in several parts of the city Saturday as the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) went about its load management plan.

Residents of Saddar, II Chundrigar Road, Lyari, Manzoor Colony, Kharadar, Kaemari and several other areas complained that the gas pressure was extremely low.

Other areas severely affected by gas load shedding are Korangi, Bhittai Colony, Orangi, Liaquatabad, Shah Faisal Colony and different areas.

Residents of the above mentioned areas are complaining that they are receiving gas for only two to three hours a day and that too, at an extremely low pressure.

As a result, people have no other option but to use gas cylinders which are adding to their expenses.

Several women of the areas mentioned that suspension of gas supply meant they were forced to send their children to schools and colleges without breakfast.

Quetta, Peshawar, Punjab cities suffer from gas shortage as well Quetta, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad, Mirpurkhas and other cities in Punjab are also reportedly suffering from a gas shortage.

Not only residents but owners of hotels and restaurants are also complaining of a gas shortage, as it is having an adverse impact on their business.In Quetta and Gujranwala, the increased prices of LPG and wood, respectively, added to citizens’ woes.

The price of LPG per kg in Quetta has surged by Rs 70 per kg, resulting in its total price increasing to Rs 230 per kg.  The price of 40-kg of wood has soared to Rs950 in Gujranwala.


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