Seven cops succumbed to Covid-19, 262 test positive: IGP

Staff Reporter

At least seven personnel of Islamabad police succumbed to Covid-19 and 262 tested positive while safeguarding the lives of citizens against the pandemic.

The Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman said in a video message, the other day.

The officers from the rank of constable to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) got infected from the virus, he added.

At present, he said, over 300 cops were on the frontline in fight against the novel coronavirus, adding that morale of the force was high and they were busy in service of the residents.

“Every ‘Jawan’ is dedicated of public service,” he remarked.
The Capital Police was assisting the local administration and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the implementation of anti-coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) across the city.

He further stated that Islamabad police stood by its citizens in this difficult time.

A ban was imposed on the issuance of driving license for a period of three-month due to coronavirus while the traffic police have been directed not to penalise the road-users in case their licence has expired.

Special squads of traffic police had been deployed on the highways, intersections and bus stands in the city to educate the citizens about the spread of coronavirus and precautionary measures.

Similarly, he said senior officers of the police were busy in educating the people about the coronavirus threat in collaboration with the local trader community.

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