Seven arrested in India for desecrating mosques


Police in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh arrested seven people on Thursday for allegedly throwing pieces of pork, letters abusing Muslims and torn pages of an Islamic text at three mosques and a shrine in an attempt to instigate communal violence.

They said in a statement that the incidents took place in the town of Ayodhya and members of a right-wing outfit called Hindu Yodha Sangathan were involved.

Four First Information Reports (FIRs) were registered in the incidents, which took place at the Taatshah Jama Masjid, Ghosiyana mosque, Kashmiri Mohalla mosque and a shrine of Gulab Shah Baba.

“It was an attempt to create communal violence and incite riots in Ayodhya town,” the statement said. Read more: Pakistan condemns vandalism against Muslims in India The mastermind of the conspiracy has been identified as Mahesh Mishra. Anadou Agency