Services exports up by 20.18pc



Services sector exports from the country during the month of October, 2019 witnessed about 20.18% increase as compared to the corresponding month of last year.
The exports of services during the period under review was recorded at $531.07 million as against the exports of $442.27 million of same period of last year, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Meanwhile, the imports of services into the country decreased by 4.76% during the month of October as it went down from $732.73 million to $697.84% of same month of last financial year.
The services trade deficit during the month of October, 2019 as shrank by 42.58% when it was compared with the same month of last year, the data reveled.
During the period form July-October, 2019, exports of services from the country witnessed about 2.36% increase where as imports grew by 1.35% respectively.
In last four months, services worth $1.749 billion exported as compared the exports of 1.709 billion of the same period of last year, where as imports of services grew by 1.35% as it was stood at $3.117 billion as against $3.075 billion of same period of last year.
On month on month basis, services trade deficit narrowed by 8.28% as exports of services grew by 34.02% and imports grew by 20.72% respectively.—APP