Separate offices of PTI in Wana not acceptable, says Noor Hasan

Adam Khan Wazir

While holding a joint press conference at District Press Club Wana, senior leader of PTI Noor Hasan Wazir along with his colleagues in Wana tribal district of South Waziristan expressed serious concerns about the establishment of PTI separate offices in Wana, and said that we are followers of Imran Khan and PTI workers and some local leaders of PTI have established separate offices in Wana, which are not acceptable to us in any way.

There should be an office of PTI in our district of Lower Waziristan, If the local leadership does not listen to us, then we will be forced to establish a separate office for ourselves.

According to the details, PTI senior leader Noor Hassan Wazir along with his colleagues Samiullah, Tariq, Fawad, Shamal Khan Wazir and others held a joint press conference at the District Press Club Wana on the occasion of separate offices of PTI in Wana.


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