Senators for regularization of management of airport

Ijaz Kakakhel

The Senate Standing Committee on Aviation on Thursday stressed the need to regularize the management of the airport and make a single counter for airport SOPs and do not allow stake holders to place various small tables on the way.

The committee which met on Thursday at parliament house under the chairmanship Senator Hidayat Ullah, who summoned the ministry of Interior, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) and the Airport Security Force (ASF) in the next meeting to discuss ways to regularize the management of the airport and improve the standards of the aviation sector in the larger national and international interest.

The Committee discussed several pressing issues affecting the Aviation industry resulting in lack of credibility in the international community. “The Aviation Industry plays a key role in holding up with the foreign community, “they are assets to the country’s economy” Chairman Committee maintained and said that the country’s image is being compromised only because of irregularities and overlapping of authorities in the Aviation industry which must be streamed lined, he added.

The committee also lamented on the poor, deteriorating condition of the Islamabad International airport, spoiling the image of the country.

It was also noted that there are several counters at the airport from unconcerned departments and stopping passengers in a crude and unprofessional manner resulting in humiliation of the Passenger.

He said Passengers should be treated with respect as per global practices.” I failed to understand the need of deputing staff on the way of the arrival calling out at the passengers crossing by” Hidayat Ullah questioned.

The committee also stressed the need to resolve the long pending issues of the Civil Aviation authority, specially those involving international interest and causing loss to the country’s economy.