Senate resolution does not reflect sentiments of the House: Siddiqui


Pakistan Muslim League-N Senator Irfan Siddiqui has expressed his disappointment over the Senate resolution passed at the end of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, stating that it failed to condemn the dictators and judges who have violated the Constitution and the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan.

He said that the resolution did not fully reflect the sentiments expressed by the majority of the members in the House. Senator Siddiqui, while talking to the media, said that when the draft resolution came to his notice, he submitted an amendment to the Secretary Senate on Friday morning, which stated that “This August House condemns all military dictators who abrogated, subverted, or held in abeyance the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, thereby usurping the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan. Furthermore, the House condemns the so-called Judges who endorsed these unconstitutional actions by violating their oath, justifying the actions of the Dictators, and allowing them to play with the Constitution according to their ill-motives.”