Seminar on “Safe Fasting during Ramzan” held at DUHS


City Reporter Prominent industrialist and social personality Sardar Yasin Malik has said that the capacity of hospitals is decreasing due to the increasing number of diabetes patients in Pakistan. If urgent precautionary measures are not accelerated, Pakistan will move up to number three in terms of number of diabetes patients in the next few years. Precautionary measures taken at US and non-governmental levels have reduced the number of diabetes there. Next year, America will become fourth from third; replacing Pakistan in this regard and these figures are of concern to us all. He said while addressing as a special guest speaker at National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Dow University of Health Sciences in Ojha Campus. The guest of honour Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Kartar Dawani, Registrar Professor Amanullah Abbasi, Director NIDE Professor Akhtar Ali Baloch, Dr. Omar Khan, Dr. Zareen Kiran, Dr. S. M. Hassan, Dr. Tehmina Rashid, Dr. Fariduddin and others addressed the seminar. Sardar Yasin Malik further said that fasting is done in every religion, which aims to achieve piety, it also has physical benefits. Pakistanis hold special arrangements for fasting, he also appreciated the facilities provided to diabetics at Dow University National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (NIDE). He said that if diabetes becomes complicated, it can badly affect the eye, along with the kidneys, and other organs of the body. Sometimes it can even lead to leg cutting due to complications. The data and stats suggest that diabetes is developing into an epidemic, he added. At present, the number of patients in Pakistan has exceeded 425 million. To prevent this, we have to maintain a balanced diet and exercise. On this occasion, he announced the expansion of the National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology building and promised to give a new machine called “pedograph” to assess the foot condition of diabetic patients. Speaking on the occasion, Dow University Registrar Professor Amanullah Abbasi said that the principles laid down by Islam one and a half thousand years ago, today, science has discovered the same and is doing more. The eating habits and the balance between the body and the soul should be maintained. For this, proper fasting, prayers, zakat and other duties should be performed adequately.

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