Seminar on ‘Life without Diabetes’ at LGH held



In order to control diabetes and to provide full awareness about this threat, it is the need of hour to include subject on diabetes in the nursing syllabus and to introduce diploma classes on diabetes for nurses.

This step would further improve the treatment of patients and nurses would be able to take better care of people suffering from diabetes.

These views are expressed by Post Graduate Medical Institute/Ameer Uddin Medical College Principal Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar while addressing the seminar organized by Lahore General Hospital Medical Unit 3 on the topic of “Life without diabetes”. On this occasion Prof. of Medicine Dr. Tahir Siddique, MS Dr. Khalid Bin Aslam, Dr. Kashif Aziz, Dr. Muhammad Maqsood, Dr. Umar Ejaz, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Dr. Sonia Ayub and Dr. Maryam Khalid also spoke on the disease of diabetes whereas Nursing Superintendent Mamona Sattar, Dr. Jafar Shah, Dr. Salman Shakeel, young doctors, medical students and the large number of nurses participated in the seminar.

Prof. Al-Freed said that in the current era, property, gold ornaments and currency are not only taken in inheritance, but diabetes is also transmitted in many families and there are patients who need more caution about this disease.

He further said that home kitchens must have to be inhabited again and diabetic patients should pay special attention towards cholesterol.

He said that excessive cholesterol can cause blindness, heart disease, stroke, and eye problems, and if a diabetic patient follows preventive measures, he can avoid financial burden. Prof. Tahir Siddique said that in the disease of diabetes the main reasons include obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, and family history of diabetes, imbalance blood fat, aging and blood pressure.

He said that to avoid this disease, fatty and starchy foods should be avoided while consumption of vegetables may be increased similarly, mental stress (depression) should be avoided while regular physical exercise must be ensured.

He mentioned that instead of taking cold drinks we should take water as a drink. MS LGH Dr. Khalid Bin Aslam said that there is a state-of-the-art diabetes clinic in Hospital where senior doctors are present every day from Monday to Saturday for medical examination.

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