Seminar on Junagadh state held at QAU



A seminar titled “Junagadh Hai Pakistan” was organized at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad to create awareness among youth about the historical background of Junagadh state.

Nawab of Junagadh, his excellency Nawab Jahangir Khanji and Dewan of Junagadh and Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali were invited for a special lecture on Junagadh. The speakers said that Junagadhs accession to Pakistan was signed by Nawab Mahabat Khanji and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Nawab of Junagadh Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khanji acceded to Pakistan under the idea of Pakistan.

Even at that time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, had made it clear that a referendum cannot be held under illegal Indian military occupation and that Junagadh is a part of Pakistan under international law.

Junagadh is our historical and legal right and living nations do not give up their legitimate rights, so we will continue fighting for our rights. During the lecture, Nawab Jahangir Khanji and Dewan Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali clarified that the Junagadh issue and the Kashmir issue are proofs of Indias duplicitous policy. Both these conflicts show Indian expansionist ambitions. We should fight the cases of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Occupied Junagadh at the global level. Indias aggressiveness and expansionist ambitions should be exposed for disregarding international laws. On this occasion, Pakistan’s legal position regarding Junagadh was highlighted. The speakers said that Junagadh is another unfinished agenda of partition of the subcontinent. During the partition of India, injustice was done by India to Pakistan. A policy of forcible occupation of territory is never permanent.

The Junagadh issue has several political, diplomatic, and legal aspects. Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Junagadh were separate issues but all were illegally occupied by India through its army. At the diplomatic level, we have to make more decisions for Junagadh. Such seminars should be held to ake people aware.

We should speak globally for Junagadh in every forum. It is the national duty of every Pakistani to play his/her part in a peaceful solution to the Junagadh issue.

Nawab of Junagadh Nawab Jahangir Khanji demanded from the government that a Junagadh Desk should be established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create awareness on the issue of Junagadh in various international circles. Similarly, Junagadh House should be established in the federal capital.

Dewan of Junagadh Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali said that research activities should be promoted in different universities on the issue of Junagadh so that Pakistans position can be presented to the world in a better way according to the new emerging global perspectives.