Sellers continue overcharging on perishable items


The entire administration has only focused on model bazaars established by the industry department in the province and distribution of free flour, while sellers across the City continued overcharging and fleecing the general public.

No action was taken against overcharging in the open markets and wholesale markets. Once the higher rate of an item is fixed in the rate list then one cannot ask the sellers to sell it lower than the official rates.

Furthermore, the situation of open market in City is most vulnerable than anywhere. Every edible is being sold higher than the official rates without fear of any action from the district administration.

Almost prices of all edibles increased this week as compared to the last week which witnessed a decline in official rate list. The price of chicken was reduced by Rs28 per kg, fixed at Rs318-326 per kg, sold at Rs400-420 per kg, and chicken meat fixed at Rs489 per kg, and sold at Rs520-1,000 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin new A-grade was gained by Rs9 per kg, fixed at Rs45-49 per kg, B-Grade at Rs40-44 per kg, C-grade at Rs35-38 per kg, mixed sold at Rs60-70 per kg. The price of onion A-grade was also increased by Rs30 per kg, fixed at Rs115-120 kg, sold at Rs140-150 per kg, B-grade at Rs100-105 per kg, sold at Rs120-130 per kg, and C-grade at Rs90-95 per kg, sold at Rs100-110 per kg.

The price of tomato A-grade increased by Rs50 per kg, fixed at Rs115-120 per kg, sold at Rs180-200 per kg, B-grade at Rs100-105 per kg, and C-grade, fixed at Rs85-90 per kg, B&C sold at Rs130-140 per kg.