Self-sufficiency in energy must for economic survival: Altaf


Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that self-sufficiency in energy sector is a must for economic survival of Pakistan and the key in this regard is renewable energy.

He said besides more nuclear power plants, thermal and coal-based plants serious focus should be given on solar and wind energy as Pakistan has plenty of sunshine and wind. He said exploration of oil and gas reserves should be accelerated.

He said Thar coal is not being utilized optimally for electricity generation which hints at flawed priorities of energy policymakers. He said Thar coal may also be used in gasification for generating energy.

He said the cheapest source of electricity generation, nuclear power plants, is on the priority list of our government. He said Pakistan needs more nuclear power plants especially near industrial hubs like Karachi to cater power meeds of industry and domestic consumers.

He said Sindh province has a very good wind corridor where dozens of wind energy plants could be established.

Altaf Shakoor said that solar energy is the sector that could give a real boost to our economy. He said that solar energy can revolutionize our agriculture sector in off-grid areas where tube-wells could be run on solar power. He said solar panels could provide cheap energy to millions of households, lessening national import bill in shape of decreased oil imports.

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